The evolution of The Artisan Collection.

    I love making these lamps!!

    I remember showing my other half a rough sketch of this lamp, and both thinking that it was a lovely shape. I set about designing it further on paper, then turned to CAD to get a more accurate profile. Here I started to create my prototype templates.

    I needed to keep that beautiful curve as uninterrupted as practically possible. I had to play around with different base sizes along with various weighting issues. There was also the issue of wiring the lamps with a system that allowed me to have the silk braided cable that I love, to exit the lamps from the side through an aged Bronze eyelet, easy you say!!?? No it wasnt, and also i wanted to be able to have a central column running through the lamps where i could thread a metal rod through so i could hang or rest on stools either end so I could put my finish on without getting finger marks all over it.


    Half of the fun, is sitting up till god knows when racking my brains to come up with a solution to a problem that im faced with. Call me obssevive if you like, I wont dissagree. I Love what I do, and the final result must be perfect not just in how it looks but in the way that its made too. I must feel good about the way it works during each step of the process.

    After lots of designing and tweaking, I have managed to develop a perfect process to make these lamps effeciently and with the same high standard every time.

    I put a seal of approval on each piece with my initials and year of manufacture. I think to the future alot with the thought of my products. I know how well they’ve been made, so I know they will last a lifetime. So in 100 years time when someone sees my makers stamp on the bottom of one of my lamps, they will be able to say that ‘this was well made’, and even like people say today about old craftsman, they might even say ‘they dont make them like they use to’.







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