Makers for Linley

    We are proud to announce that we are now makers for David Linley and Co.

    We were approached a few years back now by the product development manager at Linley who needed a maker for some high end marquetry lamps. After some discussion on the design process and how Linley actually like to work with their makers, we came to an agreement and I started work on some prototypes.

    The designs were Linley’s and I am just the maker in this particular case, which was fine by me. The shape of the lamp was a very simple rectangular box with marquetry patterns on the front and back. This would enable the interior designer to place these lamps in the middle of the room if needed so the patterns could be seen all round, very similar to some of my own designs.  Well its safe to say that the prototypes were approved and I got the work going forward and now make all the marquetry lamps available at Linley.

    With a range of different veneers and colours including polished, brushed and bronzed brass fittings, these lamps really did turn out well.

    Its funny, a lot of people throughout my early days designing said that my work was ‘very Linley’, I remember saying ‘who’s Linley?’. Well, of course I found out and saw the quality of the products and furniture and I obviously felt good about the comments. I think my natural taste seems to link to Linley’s and whatever I seem to design always fits in with that style.

    I offer a full service making lamps, whether its for a bespoke personal project or a high end retailer or designer. I can design a shape and marquetry pattern to suit using a huge choice of wood veneers, or follow a design which you have already. I have a high tech laser cutter which makes light work of complex geometric patterns, and the accuracy is second to none.  I then continue with the build of the product along with metal work and a fine spray coating and then finally testing to make sure the product complies with the relevant electrical safety regulations.





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