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    2-4 weeks
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    Care and maintenance

    Remember this is an Eco product without any varnish, so must be handled with care. Make sure your hands are
    clean and grease free if touching the wood veneers

    Dust carefully with a feather duster brushing gently down the leaves. A few slight taps on the base will help disperse any trapped dust.

    Do not use any damp cloths or cleaning fluids.

    Bloom Pendant

    Production Material:
    sycamore, oak, walnut / natural finish
    Quality Trimmings:
    Birch ply
    Unit Height:
    Unit Width:

    Introducing ‘Bloom’, our latest Eco-Friendly sustainable pendant light, designed and handmade in Suffolk UK at Storm Furniture.

    Inspired by nature, this light was designed around plants and flowers starting to open their leaves and petals to reveal their inner beauty.

    Bloom has a structure of natural wood veneer leaves which overlap and gently curl down to a large open ring base. This reveals a spectacular internal structure with an array of leaves spiralling around an optional LED bulb. A large mushroom shaped 6w (dimmable only with suitable dimmer switch) bulb is available for Bloom for the standard design, and a smart 125mm globe bulb is also available which allows dimming and temperature control from a mobile app to achieve the perfect mood.

    Available in Walnut, Oak and Sycamore, each veneer having it’s own unique glow. The entire pendant has been left raw without any varnish or lacquer leaving it as natural as possible.

    Please note : Bloom has been designed for use with Calex LED bulbs and Storm Furniture ceiling rose kit. Please choose the style of lamp-holder you require.

    Bloom pendant – LED bulbs only, no larger than Calex Karlskoga and max 10w

    Ceiling rose kits include : 1.5m of black black braided cable, x1 bronze, brass or chrome lamp-holder with shade ring and x1 100mm matt black ceiling rose (wire connectors and fixings included).

    Please note: Ceiling rose kits (IP20) must be fitted by qualified electricians, and please consult with an electrician for suitable dimmer switches depending on your choice of bulb.

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