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    Production Time:
    2-3 weeks
    Delivery Method:
    Other Information:

    IMPORTANT : The patterns and colours on each shade will vary as each piece of silk is totally unique. The colours will always have an earthy natural tone.

    Please choose the finish you would like on your lamp/s.

    Oak cone Brazilwood

    Production Material:
    Oak/ matt finish
    Quality Trimmings:
    Hand dyed silk by Foliar
    Unit Height:
    Unit Width:

    Here we have a solid, locally sourced rustic oak cone lamp either oiled or limed with a small detail cut in around the lower part of the base giving a simple and elegant look to the design. This slimline lamp will fit in any of those small spaces lighting up those areas with a stunning natural glow.

    The mini tall drum shade is made from a hand dyed silk by Foliar, who uses natural dyes from the land to create unique colours and patterns. This particular silk is hand dyed using Brazilwood and iron.

    Choose your finish from the images, the lighter wood is the limed oak and the darker wood is the oiled.

    This lamp is supplied with an energy efficient LED bulb.

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